Definitions for "Dilemma"
An argument which presents an antagonist with two or more alternatives, but is equally conclusive against him, whichever alternative he chooses.
A state of things in which evils or obstacles present themselves on every side, and it is difficult to determine what course to pursue; a vexatious alternative or predicament; a difficult choice or position.
One of the six game-theoretic problems encountered by a party in trying to get reliable acceptance of its position. Also called "paradoxes", dilemmas cause emotion leading to rational debate and a tendency to change positions, stated intentions or the common reference frame so as to eliminate the dilemma in question. If all dilemmas are eliminated, mathematically all parties must agree on a single position and can trust each other to carry it out.
An argument in which the major premise consists of a disjunctive proposition and the minor premise consists of conditional propositions, each of which takes one member of the disjunction and from it draws a conclusion detrimental to the adversary.
An argument form that is valid when criteria of valid or true implications of premises and a complete disjunction of the other premise are met; symbolized: (a b) (c d) (a + c) (b + d). ( Study 4)
"Dilemma" is a single by the rapper Nelly, featuring Kelly Rowland from Destiny's Child, released in 2002, from the 2002 album Nellyville. The song is one of Nelly's most successful, giving him his first number-one single in many countries, such as the United Kingdom. It is based melodically on Patti La Belle's "Love, Need and Want You" from her 1983 album I'm In Love Again.
1. In the context of alcoholism or addiction, when a person no longer gets relief by drinking or using - yet cannot stop.
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