Definitions for "motivation"
The goal or mental image of a goal that creates a motivation{2}; as, the image of a peaceful world is a powerful motivation for only a rare few individuals.
A condition of inner drive or energy enabling the achievement of goals or needs. This energy or drive can be disturbed by brain damage, particularly damage to the frontal parts of the brain. Such patients are sometimes dismissed as "difficult", but care must be taken not to confuse "can't" with "won't".
The ability to stimulate, rouse, excite, galvanize, or innervate. Typically with a view to getting work done on time and within budget. [D03029] RMW The direction and intensity of effort that an individual exerts on a part icular task. [D02636] PMH p312 The act of influencing others to accomplish a task with reward s or incentive [D03100] PMDT
The mental process that arouses an organism to action; as, a large part of a teacher's job is to give students the motivation to learn on their own.
The reason behind a specific character behavior; the inner drive that causes a character to act in a certain way.
The protagonist's psychological makeup, determining the dramatic pattern of his actions.
noun, motivate verb Motivation is the thoughts and feelings which make us want to do something and help us continue doing it. Demotivate verb demotivated adj To make someone lose motivation. Unmotivated adj Without motivation; having no motivation.
"Motivation" is the third single from the album All Killer No Filler by the Canadian pop-punk/rock band Sum 41. The song is about being self-centered, demotivated and lazy, too lazy to look for motivation to do anything.
The justification given in the film for the pres­ ence of an element. This may be an appeal to the viewer's knowledge of the real world, to genre conventions, to nar rative causality, or to a stylistic pattern within the film.
Includes interventions designed to bolster patients' resolve to quit through manipulations such as setting a quit date, use of a contract with a specified quit date, reinforcement correspondence (letters mailed from clinical/study staff after initial contact congratulating patient on decision to quit or on early success), providing information about the health risks of smoking, and so on.
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Motivation is the pilot episode of I Pity the Fool, a reality show that airs on TV Land.
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The act or process of motivating.
The internally generated state (feeling) that stimulates us to act. The neural substrate for motivation is most likely found in the brain reward system.
Factors that energize behavior and give it direction.
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to work overtime
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the stimulus of interest in carrying out a task.
the first element of plot which sets the scene and provides the situation out of which the conflict can arise.
The degree of interest a person has in participation and performance.
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stimulate the interest of
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the condition of being motivated; "his motivation was at a high level"
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see group motivation