Definitions for "Empathy"
Ability to put oneself in another person's place and feel what that person feels. (190)
Empathy: I am going to let Kuan Yin define this one. Kuan Yin goes on to say, “There is a difference between empathy and compassion. The path of the empath is the “emotional path” whereas the path of compassion is the Integrated Ascended Master path or “involved detachment” path. Whereas the empath takes on the emotional suffering of an individual the Integrated Ascended Master chooses involved detachment where one shows compassion towards the Spiritual tests and lessons of others, however, does not take it on as their own! This is a big difference
An act of imaginatively stepping into another person's perspective and considering how things look from over there, as if one were an insider while one is not one in fact. Success in empathetic understanding would be a matter of having (temporarily, in an act of imagination) entered the perspective of the other person sufficiently well to be able to re-present it credibly to others, especially and above all in a way that is recognizable and credible to those persons who themselves occupy that perspective.
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For the fictional character, see Empath (comics).
A dimension of service quality that refers to the amount of caring and individualized attention exhibited by the service firm.