Definitions for "Trouble"
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Trouble is musical artist Bonnie Mc Kee's debut album. The songs were written during her 14th and 15th years, and reflect events in her own life at that time. McKee had produced six of these in demo form in 2001, and they were broadcast on Seattle, Washington radio stations as well as the National Public Radio network.
"Trouble" is the third single from Coldplay's debut album Parachutes. This was the band's second Top 10 hit on the UK Singles Chart. Regional singles were released for UK/Europe, Norway (Live EP), and Australia (Double A-side).
Trouble is an American doom metal band noted for their slow (by 1980s standards), heavy albums such as their 1984 debut, Trouble (later Psalm 9), The Skull (1985), and others. Other than their influence on the just-emerging subgenre, they are also known as being one of the better, more prominent Christian metal bands, now or then. Many critics disagreed that they were Christian because use of the word "Fuck" in "Bastards Will Pay" (it should be noted that the band does not consider themselves as a Christian act).
To put into confused motion; to disturb; to agitate.
To disturb; to perplex; to afflict; to distress; to grieve; to fret; to annoy; to vex.
The state of being troubled; disturbance; agitation; uneasiness; vexation; calamity.
a source of difficulty; "one trouble after another delayed the job"; "what's the problem?"
an effort that is inconvenient; "I went to a lot of trouble"; "he won without any trouble"; "had difficulty walking"; "finished the test only with great difficulty"
to cause inconvenience or discomfort to; "Sorry to trouble you, but..."
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an unwanted pregnancy; "he got several girls in trouble"
Trouble is a five-issue romance comic book limited series published by Marvel Comics under its Epic line in 2003. Written by Mark Millar and illustrated by Terry and Rachel Dodson the series deals with teen pregnancy. The basic concept was created by Bill Jemas and Joe Quesada.
A fault or interruption in a stratum.
any natural interruption to the stratification or natural position of the coal.
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Troubled; dark; gloomy.
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a friend got a MDA and I liked that more
Trouble is a television station in the UK and Republic of Ireland, owned by Virgin Media Television. It fully replaced The Children's Channel from 4 April 1998, prior to the start of Sky Digital.
To give occasion for labor to; -- used in polite phraseology; as, I will not trouble you to deliver the letter.
Any cause that may lead to or contribute to a manager perceiving a degradation in the quality of service of one or more network services or one or more network resources being managed. source: ITU-T X.790 domain: TMN usage: TMN
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move deeply; "This book upset me"; "A troubling thought"
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Area of nonspecific space a child can always be sure to be in.
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We got to the island without any trouble.
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cause bodily suffering to
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an event causing distress or pain; "what is the trouble?"; "heart trouble"