Definitions for "PITY"
A feeling for the sufferings or distresses of another or others; sympathy with the grief or misery of another; compassion; fellow-feeling; commiseration.
A reason or cause of pity, grief, or regret; a thing to be regretted.
To feel pity or compassion for; to have sympathy with; to compassionate; to commiserate; to have tender feelings toward (any one), awakened by a knowledge of suffering.
an unfortunate development; "it's a pity he couldn't do it"
Pity is an emotion, usually resulting from an encounter with an unfortunate, injured, or pathetic person or creature. A person experiencing pity will often take mercy on the person/creature, giving them aid or money. Many people pity the homeless, orphans, the terminally ill, and victims of rape and torture.
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To move to pity; -- used impersonally.
A failing sense of exemption, inspired by contrast.
Acronym for the items included in a monthly mortgage payment: principal, interest, taxes and insurance.
Stands for principal, interest, taxes, and insurance, which are the usual components of a monthly mortgage payment. PITY reserves A cash amount that a home buyer must have on hand after making a down payment and paying all closing costs. The reserves required by the lender must equal the amount a home buyer would pay for PITY for a specified number of months.