Definitions for "Deja Vu"
An overwhelming sense that current events have been vividly experienced before.
(French) "already seen", state of having seen or experienced something before.
(pronounced "day-ja voo"; these are French words which mean "already seen" - when we get a funny feeling like we've already seen something or that we've been somewhere before
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Deja Vu” is a MOBO Award winning R&B song written by Beyoncé Knowles, Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter, Rodney Jerkins, Makeba Riddick, Nicole Keli Price and Delisha Thomas for Knowles's second solo album B’Day (2006). Released as the album's first single, the song features rapper Jay-Z and is produced by Rodney Jerkins. It utilizes the bass, hi-hat, and the 808 instruments and sound system, reminiscent of many popular Rich Harrison productions.
"Déjá Vu" is a 1979 soul single released by Dionne Warwick. Written by Isaac Hayes and Adrienne Anderson.
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