Definitions for "Translation"
making a protein from a sequence of RNA. Translation is the process whereby the genetic code carried by messenger RNA directs the production of proteins from amino acids.
( decoding) The derivation of the amino acid sequence of a polypeptide from the sequence of an mRNA molecule via tRNA intermediates which occurs in association with a ribosome.
The ribosome-mediated production of a polypeptide whose amino acid sequence is specified by the nucleotide sequence in an mRNA.
Motion in which all the points of the moving body have at any instant the same velocity and direction of motion; -- opposed to rotation.
all points on a tooth move in a parallel straight line; the center of rotation is at infinity
Geometric transformation involving a linear shift in location.
The movement of a body as whole such that the displacements of all particles of that body are alike (equal) in magnitude, direction, and sense. The angulation of the long axis remaining unchanged is necessary for a tooth movement to be translational. Any movement of a body that is not a translation in a rotation.
Displacement of the Vertebral Body. It can describe anterior, posterior, or lateral displacement.
tuber tuberculosis ultra-violet light urupa vector vermin vertebrate
The act of rendering into another language; interpretation; as, the translation of idioms is difficult.
The process of conveying one “frozen” (i.e. not “live”) text (either written or signed and video-recorded) into another frozen text, either written or video-recorded.
(NIST) Converting from one language form to another. See: assembling, compilation, interpret.
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The act of translating, removing, or transferring; removal; also, the state of being translated or removed; as, the translation of Enoch; the translation of a bishop.
A ritual, legal, and canonical operation whereby the body of a saint is removed from its original burial place to a position - often in or near the chancel of a church - where it can be more conveniently venerated by the faithful.
A) To move a bishop from one diocese to another. B) To move a saint's relics from one place to another, often from the original burial place to a reliquary. (Lynch, Joseph H. The Medieval Church: A Brief History, 365)
the process by which Riverdwellers are resurrected at a random location on the banks, always near a GRAILSTONE; occurs after death on the Riverworld, always in the morning of the day following physical death; translatees always appear hairless and naked, with a new GRAIL and a few KILTCLOTHS (see also WATHAN, GRAILSTONE, KILTCLOTH)
Among members of the LDS faith translation refers to being physically changed by God from a mortal human being to an immortal human being. A translated person is akin to a resurrected person with the exception that translated people did not die first. Both translated and resurrected beings are eternally young and fit, not subject to illness or injury and spend their entire existences as ministering angels doing things that require physical bodies to perform.
The conversion of a document from one format to another. This is done by using a translator which is the application system, that performs the conversions through a link. The system links flat files from an internal application system and the EDI X12 transaction set.
The conversion of a document from one format to another by an application system that performs the conversion or translation from document format to another document format.
The conversion of kinetic energy from "orbitational" acceleration into "spin" acceleration, and the reverse.
a uniform movement without rotation
the act of uniform movement
a movement is a specific direction, without turning or reflecting
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"Here I am at Thy service O Lord, here I am. Here I am at Thy service and Thou hast no partners. Thine alone is All Praise and All Bounty, and Thine alone is The Sovereignty. Thou hast no partners." The Talbiyah is a prayer as well as an assertion of the pilgrim's conviction that he intends to perform Hajj only for the glory of Allah. The pilgrim starts the recital upon changing into the Ihram, and continues to recite it frequently throughout Hajj. Male pilgrims recite the Talbiyah loudly whereas female pilgrims are required to recite it in a low voice.
the directed attunement by an Initiate that unfolds the ensouling entity and its vehicles. It is also called Shaktipat, Light Immersion, descent of the Holy Spirit, or Baraka.
Despicable practice abhorred by keen teachers and craved by all students.
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a friendship between poets
a mapping of an input character to an output character
a mapping of an input character to an output glyph
in the RJE world, this typically is referring to ASCII - EBCDIC translation performed by an emulator; ASCII is the native character set on PCs while EBCDIC is the native character set on a great many mainframe systems; effective translation between these different character sets is essential for meaningful data transmissions between the two
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a commentary
a movement from a telestial mind to a terrestrial mind
an open door to other thoughts, other minds
a statement in the translator's own words of what he thinks the author had in mind
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see Slid
That which is obtained by translating something a version; as, a translation of the Scriptures.
rewording something in less technical terminology
an approximation of something
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an x-ray , not a xerox
A transfer of meaning in a word or phrase, a metaphor; a tralation.
Transfer of meaning by association; association of ideas.
a minimul update on the facts of a deductive database such that the view update holds
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an effort to express what the Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic words actually say
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When using automatic route selection or trunk-to-trunk connection features, the PBX can add or delete area codes and toll access digits from number codes, and toll access digits from numbers so that the call will be handled properly by the switching network.
a hallmark of early animal development
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(4) The motion of an object or picture along a straight line.
Rigid motion with repetition along a line.
a center wherein our specialized Notary Sworn-in Translators
The potential for change in reported earnings and/or the book value of the consolidated company equity accounts, as the result of a change in foreign exchange rates used to translate the foreign currency statements of subsidiaries and affiliates known as accounting exposure.
Interpreting written communication such as forms, applications and contracts.
a written expression systematically retaining the original intent
a major source of noise, where unintended meanings have a high probability of occurring
a highly conserved mechanism and these results using a bacterial system are likely to be applicable to higher organisms as well
the ability of mixes created on one set of monitors to consistently playback ("translate") to other systems.
the act of changing in form or shape or appearance; "a photograph is a translation of a scene onto a two-dimensional surface"
is only one of the activities in localization; in addition to translation, a localization project includes many other tasks such as project management, software engineering, testing, and desktop publishing.
The part of game creation requiring the least knowledge of English.
a vehicle enabling the reader to get as close as possible to the original
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a four-year programme
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a major factor in the response of plants to adverse growth conditions
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a social act
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a derivative work
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See gene translation.