Definitions for "Toll"
To cause to sound, as a bell, with strokes slowly and uniformly repeated; as, to toll the funeral bell.
To strike, or to indicate by striking, as the hour; to ring a toll for; as, to toll a departed friend.
To call, summon, or notify, by tolling or ringing.
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A tax paid for some liberty or privilege, particularly for the privilege of passing over a bridge or on a highway, or for that of vending goods in a fair, market, or the like.
A liberty to buy and sell within the bounds of a manor.
A payment either on goods, vehicles, or persons passing a particular point, e.g. a bridge, ford, gate, or quay, or on the buying and selling of goods at a market or fair. (Reynolds, Susan. An Introduction to the History of English Medieval Towns, 200)
Calls for which subscribers incur a charge because the location called is outside their local service calling area. Toll calls can be intrastate or interstate calls, but the interstate toll calls are often referred to as long distance calls.
A rated call (Contrast CDR - unrated call detail record). Tolls appear on the Invoice Detail.
Charge related to a specific common carrier service provided by the interstate pipeline systems owned by Enbridge Partners
The Toll genes encode members of the Toll-like receptor class of proteins. ("Toll" is German for "amazing" or "mad".) Toll genes were originally identified in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster in 1988. Since then, eleven known mammalian Toll genes have been identified.
value measured by what must be given or done or undergone to obtain something; "the cost in human life was enormous"; "the price of success is hard work"; "what price glory?"
a price paid for a particular trip, much like a fare paid to ride an airplane, or the money paid to buy a hamburger
Canal tolls were based on the distance travelled, the tonnage and the type of cargo. The charges varied from canal to canal, some tolls having set maximum due to the Act of Parliament under which the canal was authorised, and some categories of goods
a charge by a roadway operator for a vehicle to use a specified roadway
a charge made for passing
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To pay toll or tallage.
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To draw; to entice; to allure. See Tole.
A portion of grain taken by a miller as a compensation for grinding.
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To take away; to vacate; to annul.
To take toll; to raise a tax.
to temporarily stop. Frequently used to describe the tolling (stopping) during bankruptcy of any further acts in foreclosure.
To stop the running of time, especially regarding time allowed before filing a lawsuit. See Statute of Limitations.
the loss of mana (normally 50%) whenever it is transferred from one character to another
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To suspend or interrupt the running of.
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suffering, deaths or damage.
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To collect, as a toll.