Definitions for "ATC"
Air Transport Command
Augmented Telerobotic Control
Armored troop carrier
Australian Tourism Commission. A government organisation whose objective is to increase both domestic Australian tourism and inbound tourism.
Australian Tourist Commission (now Tourism Australia)
Australian Tourist Commission (now TA)
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ATC, Advanced Transfer Cache, is an Intel term that you may see associated with CPUs. It refers to the speed of the CPU's L2 (level 2) memory cache. L2 cache is a small amount of high speed memory located on or near the CPU, which helps increase a computer system's performance. Sometimes the L2 cache is the same speed as the CPU, but other times it is only ½ or another fraction of the CPU's speed. "ATC" is basically Intel's way of saying the L2 cache runs at full processor speed.
Advanced Transfer Cache. A term created by Intel, which means that the memory cache runs at the same speed as the processor.
A type of L2 cache contained within the Pentium processor housing that is embedded on the same core processor die as the CPU itself.
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Athletic Trainer Certified; athletic trainers with this designation have passed the certification exam administered by the NATA.
The acronym, ATC, stands for ALLBASE/Turbo CONNECT. The terms Turbo CONNECT and ALLBASE/Turbo CONNECT are synonymous with IMAGE/SQL. The acronym, ATC, appears in error messages for IMAGE/SQL (for example, ATCERR or ATCWARN).
acronym for Certified Athletic Trainer.
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Agreement on Textiles and Clothin
The WTO Agreement on Textiles and Clothing
The Agreement on Textiles and Clothing, which embodied the results of the negotiations on textiles and clothing conducted under the Uruguay Round of multilateral trade talks. The ATC provides for the phasing out of MFA quotas between January 1995 and December 2004.
Anatomical, Therapeutic, Chemical. This is a World Health Organisation classification of drug substances
The Anatomical, Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) classification is a therapeutic classification system developed by the World Health Organization. It groups drug products according to their therapeutic use. The classification code and description are included.
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(Jargon Rating= 5) Optimisation of the lower part of the shell : Unique internal profile, thickness & material to increase transmission & sensitivity ; Elevated foot position for better leverage & maximum edge angle.
Analog Transmission Channel
Available Transfer Capability. A measure of the remaining physical capability in a transmission network for commercial activity, over and above that already committed to users for both commercial transactions and system reliability.
Technical Committee of the Petroleum Additive Manufacturers
Technical Committee of Petroleum Additive Manufacturers in Europe, an affiliate of the Association of Petrochemicals Producers in Europe (APPE). For more information, click here.
Advanced Technical Certificate
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Comité technique des fabricants d'additifs pour le pétrole brut
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ncient raditional oncept concentrate whereby herb extracts are concentrated and carried on the herb fibre from which it was extracted. ATC concentrates contain four times the nutrient value of the regular herb.
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Octet 5A in the BBC IE. The ATC is used to identify a sub category of ATM service category. For example, ATC 5 represents a CBR Service Category with a BCOB of X and requiring end-to-end timing.
Art Teachers Certificate MPSG Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors(Washington)
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PCF - Patrol craft (Swiftboat)
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ir raining ommand
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Authorized Training Center
Angel Train Contracts
Aviation Training Center (USCG)
Diagnostic system that can be used in conjunction with a roller dynamometer to test tachographs.
Abstract Test Case. One or more files, encapsulating a test purpose, independent of both the implementation and the values, that provide the formal basis from which executable test cases are derived. [ISO 10303-31: 1994
is the abbreviation for Appalachian Trail Conservancy ( formerly Conference), the private organization to which the NPS has delegated day-to-day A.T. management.
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Any To Come. This is a term used to describe when the whole or part of returns from one wager are automatically reinvested on a subsequent bet.
The abbreviation of the phrase ‘Any two cardsâ€(tm). This is often used to describe a situation where a player should make a bet regardless of what cards he is holding.
All To Come. When you put an ATC bet on, you are betting on a number of selections, and all of them must win for the bet to be successful. Once the first win has occurred, the winnings and original stake are wagered on the next bet, and so on until all bets have been completed. So if the first bet on a 10 stake won at 5-1, the amount rolled forward onto the next bet would be 60, and so on.
average total cost. total costs of production divided by the quantity produced (also called cost per unit).
Average Total Cost. Total cost devided by the total output of the activity or process
Average total cost. Average total cost (ATC) is total cost per unit of output. It is calculated by dividing total cost by output. It may also be calculated as average fixed cost plus average variable cost.
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Atlantic Telegraph Company
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Ancillary Time Code. See SMPTE RP188
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AT Cellular
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See Access Tandem Connection.
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Attendant console.
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Artist Trading Cards
Application Transaction Counter
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Refers to Absolute Time Command.
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Customer/spouse agreed to contact you.