Definitions for "Fac"
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orward ir ontroller. Usually airborne in an O-1, O-2, OV-10, or T-28, but also could be on the ground.
Forward Air Controller - who flew in a Bird Dog
Forward Air Controller - a pilot with 'balls of brass' who flies around a threat area without offensive or defensive ordnance, and who finds targets for "Shit Hot" fighter pilots to destroy. See also "Cleared Hot".
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Finance and Audit Committee
MAFF Foods Advisory Committee (GBR)
Facilities Advisory Council
Free available chlorine. that portion of the total chlorine that is not combined chlorine and is available as a sanitizer. (N)
an abbreviation for Free Available Chlorine. Refer to the Free Chlorine listing.
Incoterm - Free carrier
an indicator category for plants, estimating the probability of a given species to occur in wetlands at 34% to 66%. A positive (+) sign attached to the category indicates a frequency toward the higher end of the probability, and a negative (-) sign indicates a frequency toward the lower end of the probability. The indicator category does not equate to the degrees of wetness tolerated by a given species.
Facultative Macrophytic plant species equally likely to occur in wetlands or non-wetlands (estimated probability 34-66 percent).
flight activity category
Foreign Affairs Canada (formely known as Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade)
Foreign Affairs Canada. This federal government department represents Canada around the world through its network of embassies and trade and diplomatic offices, and participates in multilateral institutions and international treaties and arrangements. Source: FAC
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Fine Arts Center SLC Service-Learning Center
The acronym for Functional Area Coordinator, an employee position in Decision Support. See Functional Area Coordinator. ()
Family Assistance Center, to be situated at the scene. The FAC will coordinate all aspects of assistance to involved families. (Southwest Airlines)
Final Average Compensation. Used to calculate SERS benefits. For Retirement and Survivor Benefits - Final Average Compensation is the 48 highest consecutive months of service within the last 120 months of service. For alternative formula employees, FAC is the final rate of pay or final 48 months, whichever is higher. For Death and Disability Benefits - Final Average Compensation is the rate of pay at the date of death or disability, or the 48 highest consecutive months of service within the last 120 months, whichever is greater.
Federal Acquisition Circular
Firearms Acquisition Certificate
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Freshwater Aquatic Centre
A large ornamental letter used, esp. by the early printers, at the commencement of the chapters and other divisions of a book.
Forest Appeals Commission. the Forest Appeals Commission is the independent appeal body established under the Forest Practices Code of British Columbia Act to hear appeals from certain enforcement determinations.
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Florida Administrative Code
Factorial Analysis of Correspondence
Feature analysis code(s)
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See Forecast At Completion
First American Corporation
FIRST ATTEMPT CONNECTION. A FAC record is written if one attempts to dial and successfully gets connected on the first attempt. This means that one had an attempt and one successful connection.
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Fully Allocated Costs
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Fuel adjustment clause
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Facilitator. They lead groups during Spring Training.
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FACE graphics file.
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Factory Systems