Definitions for "Lift"
To rise; to become or appear raised or elevated; as, the fog lifts; the land lifts to a ship approaching it.
A rise; a degree of elevation; as, the lift of a lock in canals.
Lift is the force generated by the winds of an airplane which "holds" the plane in the air against the force of gravity. Lift is affected by the speed with which the air flows over the wings. Return to your previous position.
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Lift is a range of soft drinks produced by The Coca-Cola Company that has been available in Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Germany and Eastern Europe since the 1970s, which is carbonated and flavored with fruit juice. Coca-Cola's Australian website states that Lift Lemon (the only variety readily available in Australia) is "an Australian phenomenon, designed for the Australian market" Coca-Cola later expanded Lift into the United States in early 2000, where it is sold on a regional basis.
Lift, released in 2004, is Sister Hazel's fifth studio album.
Lift is the seventh and final album by the British band Love and Rockets, released in 1998 on Red Ant.
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To carry hounds forward.
When the dog approaches the sheep to move them forward. The period immediately after the dog has reached the maximum extent of its outrun and starts to move the sheep in the intended direction. This is very important because it gives the sheep their first impression of the dog. See also Outrun.
call to stop the hunt or to retire, as of hunting dogs
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To move in a direction opposite to that of gravitation; to raise; to elevate; to bring up from a lower place to a higher; to upheave; sometimes implying a continued support or holding in the higher place; -- said of material things; as, to lift the foot or the hand; to lift a chair or a burden.
To raise, elevate, exalt, improve, in rank, condition, estimation, character, etc.; -- often with up.
To collect, as moneys due; to raise.
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A working boater's term for a lock staircase. Can also refer to boat lifts e.g. the Anderton Lift.
an increase in the force of the wind, which helps to accelerate the boat in the direction that is desired
a shift which allows your boat to head up toward the windward mark more
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A layer of leather in the heel.
the sprayed polyurethane foam that results from a pass. It usually is associated with a certain pass thick-ness and has a bottom layer, center mass, and top skin in its makeup.
One of the several layers of leather or leather-board used make a heel.
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The act of picking up a given amount of weight from the ground and hoisting it at arm's length above the head. This is the standard term used to estimate relative strength levels in the "Marvel Universe."
Any move in pairs skating in which the male skater lifts his partner off the ice. In the most spectacular lift, he holds her above his hand with one hand.
(of ammunition) the use of MHE to pick up ammunition and put it down, with each pickup and put-down constituting one lift. When containerized ammunition is received at the CSA or TSA, it is off-loaded with a rough-terrain container crane. The ammunition is unloaded with a variable-reach forklift and placed in a storage location. When issued, the ammunition is picked up by a rough-terrain forklift and placed on a vehicle. Each of these movements constitutes a lift, for a total of three lifts to receive, rewarehouse, and issue the ammunition
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To steal; to carry off by theft (esp. cattle); as, to lift a drove of cattle.
To steal; also, to live by theft.
take illegally; "rustle cattle"
The impact of a fragrance. Highly diffusive fragrances have a good "lift".
To have the quality of life, brilliancy or diffusiveness.
Lift is a term used to describe a fragrance that has life and brilliance.
The space or distance through which anything is lifted; as, a long lift.
Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors
One of the movable sections of a liquid-sealed gas holder. The vertical distance a liquid is pumped.
To lift a ball that has become a ball in hand. Sometimes the ball is not actually lifted but is trundled along with the mallet.
An illegal contact where the ball his held or carried.
A ball in-hand is lifted for repositioning, either after the roquet or going out of bounds.
A brightening of the spirits; encouragement; as, the campaign workers got a lift from the President's endorsement.
invigorate or heighten; "lift my spirits"; "lift his ego"
remove from a seedbed or from a nursery; "lift the tulip bulbs"
remove from a surface; "the detective carefully lifted some fingerprints from the table"
Refers to hair styled to "stand away" from the scalp, contributing to volume.
remove (hair) by scalping
Lift is the chemical process of lightening the color of the hair. Different hair color formulations have different lifting abilities
a confined space and should leakage of the cryogenic substance occur, anoxia or asphyxiation is a potential danger
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A move in which one or more swimmers lift a swimmer or swimmers above the surface.
When one or more swimmers gives support to lift another swimmer (or more) above the surface of the water.
The line rigged from the mast which holds the outboard end of the bosom or spinnaker pole in a desired horizontal position.
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The sky; the atmosphere; the firmament.
the sky. Old English lyft, id.
annul by recalling or rescinding; "He revoked the ban on smoking"; "lift an embargo"; "vacate a death sentence"
A Trait, representing the effects of the wrestler's body weight on the difficulty of performing wrestling maneuvers to him.
A theatrical type of movement in which the follower's body weight is completely supported by the leader and held aloft. See 'Definitions of Dance Terms' video
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A ride in a vehicle, given by the vehicle's owner to another person as a favor -- usually in "give a lift" or "got a lift"; as, to give one a lift in a wagon; Jack gave me a lift into town.
A piece of equipment that is used to move a person from one place to another, such as bed to chair. In the hospital, the term Hoyer lift is used to indicate a specific kind of equipment. In rehabilitation, a lift can also refer to equipment used to move a person using a wheelchair into a motor vehicle.
A weightlifting event, such as the clean and jerk or snatch. It is also used to denote a successful attempt to lift the barbell.
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The capability to move resources between two points.
The orchestra pit and/or sections of the stage may be mounted on lifts to make moving of heavy items (e.g. piano etc.) easier. Sometimes the forestage doubles as the orchestra pit by use of a lift.
take hold of something and move it to a different location; "lift the box onto the table"
plastic surgery to remove wrinkles and other signs of aging from your face; an incision is made near the hair line and skin is pulled back and excess tissue is excised; "some actresses have more than one face lift"
perform cosmetic surgery on someone's face
Maximum number of sheets handled by operator of guillotine cutting machine or by paper handler loading paper for printing.
A stack of jogged paper (approximately 150- 200 sheets) placed on a cutting table to be die cut.
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make audible; "He lifted a war whoop"
Licence Initiative for Trading
Licence Information for Trading
Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto
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Investment lingo used to indicate a rise in securities prices as measured by the Dow Jones Industrial Average or other market averages. A lift is usually caused by good economic or business news. See: Bull Market; Dow Jones Industrial Average
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fly people or goods to or from places not accessible by other means; "Food is airlifted into Bosnia"
transportation of people or goods by air (especially when other means of access are unavailable)
Cold fronts, warm fronts, sea breezes, mountains, or the sun's heat are capable of lifting air to help form storms.
Type of a jump that helps the jumper gain both air and distance
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See carry
a powered conveyance that carries skiers up a hill
take off or away by decreasing; "lift the pressure"
take without referencing from someone else's writing or speech; of intellectual property
take (root crops) out of the ground; "lift potatoes"
A Macintosh application that test web sites for Section 508 and WCAG compliance. You can find more about it here
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Library Financial Team (UCSD)
Local Improvement Finance Trust. a national programme to improve primary care facilities such as surgeries and health centres. North Staffordshire is one of a number of schemes that were agreed as part of the first two waves of LIFTs.
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see cam lift
The improvement in response from a mailing due to Data Modeling, Database Marketing and Customized Communications. It is determined by dividing the response from a segment by the total response, subtracting 1 and multiplying by 100.
A measure of how much better prediction results are using a model than could be obtained by chance. For example, suppose that 2% of the customers mailed a catalog without using the model would make a purchase. However, using the model to select catalog recipients, 10% would make a purchase. Then the lift is 10/2 or 5. Lift may also be used as a measure to compare different data mining models. Since lift is computed using a data table with actual outcomes, lift compares how well a model performs with respect to this data on predicted outcomes. Lift indicates how well the model improved the predictions over a random selection given actual results. Lift allows a user to infer how a model will perform on new data.
an excellent resource for high school students to acquire information about how to apply for scholarships, what educational opportunities are available, careers, and much more
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One of the steps of a cone pulley.
In a vapor compression cycle, the lift on the compressor is the difference between the high side (condenser) conditions and the low side (cooler) conditions, measured as either a temperature or pressure difference.
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A lay of material, rock or paving added to a road or paved lot.
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Piece of cut picture or track which is removed from the film and stored intact, rather than being broken apart and stored as trims.
To remove selected frames from a sequence and leave black or silence in the place of the frames.
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a different setup than a leveling kit and does not have the adverse effects
License Information for Trading (web portal)(UK)
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a definite plus on this trail
The increase in basic cable penetration brought about by introduction of a new service or program.
The ratio of confidence to expected confidence of a rule created by the Association Rules Generator. Generally, the greater this number, the more interesting the rule.
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A lift gate. See Lift gate, below.
An exercising machine.
a simple linear state machine with as many states as floors
That portion of the vibration of a balance during which the impulse is given.
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Act of lifting; also, that which is lifted.
the act of giving temporary assistance
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Backing off the gas.
make off with belongings of others
pay off (a mortgage)
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a little hole in the music
Measures the relative difference between the branding level of the Exposed cell against the Control cell. Also know as the percentage change and calculated in the following way: (Exposed-Control)/Control.
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To bear; to support.
Where one partner supports the other, who has both feet off the floor
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a ride in a car; "he gave me a lift home"
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What you do before you drop.
The percentage by which our pay rate has increased over the course of our two-year contract. For example, if the average member's pay was $1000 at the beginning of the contract and was $1100 at the end of the contract, that would be a "lift" of 10%.
Refers to execution related to buying at the current best offer in the market.
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Help; assistance, as by lifting.
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a wave that lifts the surface of the water or ground
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That by means of which a person or thing lifts or is lifted
An increase in securities prices, as shown by some economic indicator.
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see buy-out.