Definitions for "Fragrance"
Keywords:  perfume, odor, pleasant, scent, smell
The quality of being fragrant; sweetness of smell; a sweet smell; a pleasing odor; perfume.
More than 5000 chemicals are used in making fragrances, 95 per cent of which are mostly or entirely synthetic, usually derived from petroleum or coal tar. Nearly a third of the chemical additives used in perfumes and other scented products are known to be toxic, including benzene derivatives, aldehydes, synthetic musks and phthalates. Other toxins and sensitisers can cause cancer, birth defects, central nervous system disorders and allergic reactions.
On a label, one or a blend of either volatile and/or fragrant plant oils (or synthetically derived blends) that impart aroma and odor to products. These are often skin irritants.
a highly personal thing, since it's very much part of the impression you make on others and can be worn for myriad different reasons and occasions
An ingredient or ingredients added to a formula or product in order to make the product more appealing to the consumer.
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a reflection of oneself, it must be
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a beautiful creation in its own right