Definitions for "Aromatic"
refers to an organic compound with a benzene like ring.
A cyclic system containing (4n+2) π electrons. Aromaticity imparts extra stability to a molecule. See Huckel's Rule.
A type of hydrocarbon, such as benzene or toluene, added to gasoline in order to increase octane. Some aromatics are toxic.
Pertaining to, or containing, aroma; fragrant; spicy; strong-scented; odoriferous; as, aromatic balsam.
A plant, drug, or medicine, characterized by a fragrant smell, and usually by a warm, pungent taste, as ginger, cinnamon, spices.
Simply a nice smelling wine, usually a complicated smell.
A term typically used to describe wines positively. Wines that are aromatic have a delicate, often floral aroma. Riesling, Gewurtztraminer, and Muscat, are all considered aromatic grapes.
rich in aromas of various styles : aromatic grape varieties include muscat and sauvignon
Refers to floral and/or citrus characters or varieties which typically produced those characters. Examples of aromatic varieties are Riesling, Gewurztraminer and the Muscat family.
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Gastritis Porphyrins
Hyperthyroidism Progressive
Immunocompetence Progressive
Hemagglutinins Recombinant
Fibroblasts Perspiration
A term used to describe and grade coffee. It designates a coffee that fully manifests the aroma characteristic of its nature and origin.
Originally mainly from Europe and America, these have been enthusiastically taken up by the younger smoker, with rich flavours like cherry, orange, chocolate, coffee, whisky and many more additives.
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Hernia Platinum
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Plenty of aromas (the opposite of reticent).
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See carminative
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Hormonal Remission
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Highly Toxic Precipitate
A descriptive term for cheeses with distinct, pronounced aromas.
Having an aroma.