Definitions for "Ethylbenzene"
CAS Number: 100-41-4. A liquid hydrocarbon that is usually made from benzene and ethylene and is used primarily in the manufacture of styrene. Chemical formula = C8H10. Molecular weight = 106.16 g/mol. Learn More...
Ethylbenzene is formed by combination of ethylene and benzene, and is then dehydrogenated to styrene for use in the production of plastics and synthetic rubber.
A component of gasoline, but also a major breakdown product or pyrolsis product given off when certain polymers are heated.
1.74 µg/m(0.4 J ppb) Portable Classroom # 2 4342 µg/m(1000 ppb) Intermediate EMEG ATSDR 2000
A component of paint formations, and associated with some carpeting, ethylbenzene off-gasses in the home, in office furniture products, in office buildings, and in subject's breath. Ethylbenzene is considered a chronic toxin, capable of causing fertility problems and development defects.