Definitions for "Phenols"
(C6H50H and related compounds) A water-soluble, poisonous chemical group, derived from coal tar and used as disinfectants and in chemical work.
Phenols are compounds having one or more hydroxy groups attached to benzene or other arene ring.
Organic compounds that include, as part of their chemical structures, an unsaturated ring with an -OH group on it
a component of foods, which some or many ASD children are reactive to. See PST deficiency. See
Phenols are chemicals found in foods that some people have problems processing and end up with symptoms including dark circles under the eyes, red face/ears, diarrhea, hyperactivity, aggression, headache, head banging or other self-injury, inappropriate laughter, difficulty falling asleep at night, and night waking for several hours. The condition is called PST deficiency (see below). Foods like tomatoes, bananas, red grapes, milk, peanuts and food dyes contain higher phenol levels than other foods. Click here for more information on Phenols (Also see Salicylates)
The oils in pine, cedar, and other softwoods that cause liver damage and respiratory problems in small animals.
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