Definitions for "Hydrogen fluoride"
Also known as: Hydrofluoric acid. CAS Number: 7664-39-3. An aqueous solution that is a weak poisonous acid. It resembles hydrochloric acid chemically but attacks silica and silicates, and therefore is used often in finishing and etching glass. Chemical formula = HF. Molecular weight = 20.01 g/mol. Learn More...
( Hydrofluoric acid) - A colorless, liquid. Used to polish, etch and frost glass, also used in the production of aluminum, brass, stainless and other alloy steels. Hazard: Highly corrosive to skin and mucous membranes. Highly toxic to by ingestion and inhalation.
a colorless poisonous corrosive liquid made by the action of sulphuric acid on calcium fluoride; solutions in water are hydrofluoric acid
a common pollutant from volcanoes and several industries such as brick factories, aluminum smelters, and phosphate fertilizer factories.