Definitions for "Amine"
One of a class of basic substances derived from ammonia by replacement of one or more hydrogen atoms by an alkyl or aryl group. Compare amide, in which an acyl group is attached to the nitrogen. Hydroxylamine and hydrazine, which are not an organic compounds, are also basic and may also be considered amines.
An organic compound that is obtained from ammonia. Used for manufacturing a variety of synthetic resins.
A molecule containing the following functional group: R3N - where R = C or H. Also possible is R4N+ where the lone pair of the nitrogen is donated into a single bond.
Amine Mounder is a French R&B singer born in Casablanca, Morocco. He is known for his singular music style, Raï'n'B, which is a mix of R&B and Raï. His biggest hits are "Sobri (notre Destin)," a duet with French singer Leslie, and "J'voulais."
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Gastric Percutaneous
A phenoxy herbicide formulation that is less prone to vaporizing and moving off-site than the ester form. Also see phenoxy herbicides, ester.
Chemical used to control corrosion in condensate system.
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A functional group consisting of "-NH2."