Definitions for "Corrosion"
The action or effect of corrosive agents, or the process of corrosive change; as, the rusting of iron is a variety of corrosion.
Conversion of metals into oxides, hydrated oxides, carbonates or other compounds due to the action of air or water or both. Salts and sulphur are also important sources of corrosion. Removal of solids and water reduces the effect or speed of corrosion in many cases and in other cases, corrosion inhibitors are used to reduce the effect of corrosion.
A form of erosion where water dissolves the rock.
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The slow formation of a dark layer on the surface of pewter over time. Depending on the alloy, the corrosion can range from a very thin and hard layer to thick and crusty scale.
The rainwater that flows into the river all along its length is very slightly acid. This acid very slowly dissolves minerals such as calcium carbonate in limestone.
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The gradual degradation or alteration of steel caused by atmosphere,, moisture, or other agents.
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