Definitions for "Dezincification"
Keywords:  zinc, corrosion, brass, copper, porous
The act or process of freeing from zinc; also, the condition resulting from the removal of zinc.
A form of pitting corrosion which attacks certain zinc bearing copper-based alloys, often called "yellow brasses", when in contact with sea water or fresh water that is high in oxygen and carbon dioxide. (ASTM B61 and B62 are "red brasses" and not susceptible to dezincification.)
Corrosion in which zinc is selectively leached from zinc-containing alloys. Most commonly found in copper-zinc alloys containing less than 83% copper after extended service in water containing dissolved oxygen; the parting of zinc from an alloy (in some brasses, zinc is lost leaving a weak, brittle, porous, copper rich residue behind) See also dealloying and selective leaching.