Definitions for "Molybdenum"
A rare element of the chromium group, occurring in nature in the minerals molybdenite and wulfenite, and when reduced obtained as a hard, silver-white, difficulty fusible metal. Symbol Mo. Atomic number 42. Atomic weight 95.94.
Symbol: Mo. Atomic mass:95.94 A silver-white metallic element, that with a high melting point, it is used to make an alloy with iron to make high speed cutting tools.
An alloying element used as a raw material for some classes of stainless steel. Molybdenum in the presence of chromium enhances the corrosion resistance of stainless steel.
a mineral required for proper growth and development. It plays a role in fat and nucleic acid metabolism and is needed for proper sulfur metabolism. No RDA has been established.
Related Topic"...Molybdenum deficiencies are associated with esophageal cancer, sexual impotency and tooth decay..."
Related Topic"...These enzymes are involved with carbohydrate metabolism, fat oxidation and urine metabolism..."
Molybdenum is an IDE for creating, editing, running and recording testscripts for Selenium, a browser integrated testtool from Molybdenum is build as a Mozilla Firefox extension/application.
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A heavy metal found naturally in grains and green leafy vegetables. Although the RDA has not been established, the Estimated Safe and Adequate Intake has been set at 75-250 mcg.
As A Treatment"Molybdenum may be useful in the treatment of certain cardiovascular conditions, asthma, allergies and mercury toxicity..."
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Molybdenum is required for normal cell function. Found in cereals, beans and peas.