Definitions for "Taurine"
Of or pertaining to the genus Taurus, or cattle.
A chemical compound occurring in small quantity in the juices of muscle, in the lungs, and elsewhere, but especially in the bile, where it is found as a component part of taurocholic acid, from which it can be prepared by decomposition of the acid. It crystallizes in colorless, regular six-sided prisms, and is especially characterized by containing both nitrogen and sulphur, being chemically amido-isethionic acid, C2H7NSO3.
A nonessential amino acid but may be essential for individuals with certain diseases or nutritional concerns. May be needed for the proper development and maintenance of the central nervous system. Taurine's role in bile formation is important for fat metabolism and blood cholesterol control.
It is necessary for brain development and function. It has a potent and long-lasting anticonvulsive effect.
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