Definitions for "NAC"
A sulfur compound that is a precursor of glutathione.
a supplement. Lots of sulfur.
New Agenda Coalition
See New Apprenticeship Centre
New Apprenticeship Centre. is a free service that promotes and supports Commonwealth funded New Apprenticeships for new and existing staff. Also see New Apprenticeships and the Disability Sector.
North Atlantic Council
National appeals committee, scarcely exists, but should exist.
National Advocacy Center
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nasal mucosa
Nanjing Automobile Corporation
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Noise Abatement Criteria
NAC is a collection of tools for cryptography. The goal is to provide simple-to-use crypto tools you can use under Linux, Windows...
Null attachment concentrator. Hub that is not attached to either the primary or secondary ring of an FDDI network.
Nuclear Accountancy and Control.
Nuclear Arms Control. encompasses a wide variety of measures intended to limit or reduce the number of nuclear weapons throughout the world.
See Non-Graded Standings, transcript legend.
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Nevada Administrative Code
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Native American Casino
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Network Admission Control
Not An extra-Constitutional authority
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Network Access Control