An elected body of 45 delegates from all parts of Newfoundland and Labrador, which sat from September 1946 to January 1948. Its task was to examine the economic and financial condition of the country, and to recommend to the British government suitable forms of government to be placed on the ballot in a national referendum. In 1947, delegations from the convention visited London and Ottawa. The confederate faction in the convention was led by Joseph R. Smallwood, who dominated debate on draft terms of union with Canada. The convention recommended that the referendum choice should be between responsible government and Commission of Government; the British government rejected this advice, and added confederation with Canada.
The Republican and Democratic parties each hold their national convention in late summer of a presidential election year. In the past, the parties selected their candidates for the presidency at these conventions. However, with the growth of the primary system over the past fifty years the nominees are already clear long before the convention. Now the conventions are the forum for debating the party platform, and a massive pep rally for the candidates.
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The annual business meeting of the U.S. Jaycees held each June in different locations each year.
a great place for old friends and those new to the industry to meet and learn
a huge event that takes a great deal of effort to create
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an excellent place to buy a car
a gathering of the Financial Planning community