Definitions for "NIA"
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NEUROMUSCULAR INTEGRATIVE ACTION. Blends martial arts, dance, and healing arts for an eclectic, joyful body/mind fitness experience.
A low-impact workout that combines dance techniques, martial arts, and movement forms such as Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, and yoga into a powerful aerobic exercise and body-healing experience. An expressive, emotional workout set to music, NIA focuses on internal guidance and personal awareness.
Non-impact aerobics class.
(United States) National Institute on Aging
National Intelligence Police Database (replacing LES)
National Irrigation Administration
Network Interface Adapter. Obsolete IBM protocol converter allowing SDLC 1 products to attach through an X.25 network to an SNA host system. Replaced by QLLC.
Network Interoperability Alliance. An association of information and networking companies addressing network interoperability issues and coordinating multivendor testing.
Negotiated Interconnection Agreement Section 252(b) of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 gives the Board the authority to approve the rates, terms, and conditions of negotiated interconnection agreements between competitors and incumbent local exchange providers. The agreement is docketed and written comments from interested parties must be filed within 30 days. The statutory standard to be applied in Board review is: (1) whether the agreement discriminates against a telecommunications carrier not a party to the agreement or (2) whether the implementation of the agreement or a portion is not consistent with the public interest, convenience, or necessity.
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dipole moment: turns x current x Area
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Nuclear Industry Association