Definitions for "JIN SHIN DO"
Jin Shin Do combines acupressure, Taoist yogic breathing, and Reichian segmental theory (addresses how emotional tension affects physical body) with the goal of releasing physical and emotional tension and armoring. It aims to promote a state in which the patient can address the emotional factors that may underlie various physical conditions.
A form of acupressure that holds vital points for prolonged periods.
Jin Shin Do¬° (JSD), the "way of the compassionate spirit," is Iona Marsaa Teeguarden's synthesis of Eastern and Western theories and practices. It is a method of releasing muscle tension and stress by applying deepening finger pressure to combinations of specific points on the body. It combines classic Chinese acupuncture theory, Taoist Yogic philosophy and breathing methods, and Japanese Acupressure techniques.1
An ancient art of harmonizing life energy within the body practiced by placing fingertips over clothing on designated areas.