Definitions for "Tai chi"
Tai Chi is a form of meditation and martial art which originated in China thousands of years ago. Now known in the West for its health benefits, it is actually based on first learning to feel then to direct an energy known as "Chi". While your body is obviously used, a major part of Tai Chi is the directing of energy inside the body with your mind. "Where mind goes Chi follows."
Meaning "way of fist," T'ai Chi is a martial arts system and fitness method developed from QiGong. Today, T'ai Chi has evolved from its martial arts origins into a practice of movement meditation for peaceful purposes.
One of the three martial arts, in the nine movement forms of Nia, known as "The Slow Dance."
The workings of the Yin and the Yang. Which is represented as a circle divided between a dark and a light half, the Taiji symbol represents two mutually complementary forces in nature: Yin, the force characterized as dark, cold, stillness, passiveness and potential; and Yang, the force characterized as light, warmth, action, aggressiveness and expression.
the integration of yin and yang from which life emerges.
The Great Ultimate, symbolized by the "two fish swimming in the ba gua"
a form of medication in motion, used both as part of a spiritual quest and as a lifestyle health practice.