Definitions for "Ayurveda"
the ancient Indian healing art. A system of healing which evolved on the Indian subcontinent some 300-5000 years ago. It was established by the same ancient sages who produced Indian's original systems of meditation, yoga and astrology. Ayurveda has both a spiritual and a practical basis, the spiritual perspective engendering the practical. According to Ayurveda, humans consist of three bodies or aspects: the physical, the subtle and the causal. In modern Western language these could be referred to as body, mind and spirit. The Ayurvedic system of health care emphasizes that health is a harmonious functioning of all three parts of this trinity.
A philosophy and healing system developed over thousands of years in India. Employs botanical preparations, usually combinations of a number of herbs.
A medical science that originated in India five thousand years ago and is based on the existence of a primal energy and the belief that when an individual's energy flow is smooth, health is maintained. Ayurveda is a holistic approach to health that recognizes the importance of mind-body balance.
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See Ayurvedic.