Definitions for "Herbalism"
herbs generally have a positive affect on bodily functions and help to promote a sense of well being. Herbal medicine can help a wide range of problems such as infections, allergies, asthma etc. plant medications are gentle and are well tolerated, they work with the bodies own defence system, they are non-addictive. It is generally better to seek advice on which herbs to use as a small minority can be potentially toxic and should only be taken on expert advice.
the use of plant products to cure illnesses.
The practice of cultivating, gathering and using plants for medicinal, cosmetic, ritual and culinary purposes. See HERB MAGIC. The practice of identifying and using plants or plant parts that are: aromatic, savory, and medicinal. A man or woman who grows, collects, or specializes in the use of herbs (especially those that are used medicinally) is called an herbalist. The study of herbs is known as herbology.
The treatment of disease with herbs. Life Extension Foundation. Highest Quality Vitamins And Supplements The Life Extension Foundation is the world's largest nonprofit health organization dedicated to investigating every method of extending the healthy human life span.
(n) the art and science concerned with herbs and their uses—particularly with regard to their health-enhancing properties
The knowledge of herbs.