Definitions for "Supplements"
Keywords:  diet, vitamin, pill, dietary, deficient
in general gaming parlance, are volumes published to aid in gaming, but which are not necessary. (Compare with Core Rules.) in biological terms, are compounds (drugs/vitamins/potions) which aid or improve a creature's organic processes. See Also: Graft, Prosthetic, Replacement, Symbionts
Various chemicals and herbs taken to increase circulation and/or libido. They will NOT, by themselves, make your penis grow. This goes for any "Magic" penis pills on the market. More information is available in the members only Supplements Forum.
an effective intervention for the improvement of vitamin A status in communities with a high prevalence of the deficiency
In nematodes: Preanal genital papillae on the ventral side of males; derived from cuticle, but may be provided with glands. Function during copulation. Sometimes called supplementary organs. ( 14)
Annual payments, to cover additional work needed for the management of specific habitats.
The compilation of all laws enacted after publication of the bound volumes of the Colorado Revised Statutes or their replacement volumes. The supplements are published annually after each regular session of the General Assembly to include laws passed at that session. Beginning in 1997, the Colorado Revised Statutes will be republished annually in a softbound format instead of bound volumes and supplements.
"Extras" included on special edition DVDs besides the movie itself. Examples include commentary tracks, theatrical trailers, TV spots, "making-of" documentaries, cast bios and production notes.
Prenatal supplements are multivitamis that are taken during pregnancy, especially early, may help prevent certain birth defects.
Every type of body building supplement plays an integral role in either aiding the body to recover faster, burn fat or provide more muscle strength and enhance a weightlifting or body building routine. For More Info Please See: Body Building Supplements.
a crucial element in improvement of their symptoms
An addition to a substance, in order to complete, reinforce, or extend a whole.