Definitions for "Defects"
Keywords:  wormholes, flaw, bark, pockets, voids
Anything interrupting the smooth flow of a wood surface. This includes loose knots, splits, voids, wormholes, bark pockets and others.
manufacturing flaws
Loose knots, splits, voids, wormholes, bark pockets, and other flaws that interrupt the smooth flow of a wood surface.
A patent defect is a defect which clearly visible. For the meaning of latent defects, see 'Voetstoots'.
A defect which is clearly visible is a patent defect. A defect which is not visible upon a reasonable inspection of the property is a latent defect.
Irregularities appearing on finished paper that spoil the appearance or cause weaknesses in the sheet.
any irregularity or imperfection on a tree, log, or other wood product that reduces the volume of usable wood or lowers its durability, strength, or utility value. Defects may result from knots and other growth conditions and abnormalities; from insect or fungus attack; or from logging, or other processing procedures.
Vacancies, slip lines and dislocations in silicon which influence the electrical performance of a circuit.
Particular features that may affect either the present value, or the ability to resell the property at a later date. It will be up to the surveyor to judge what the urgent and significant matters are that could affect the market value of the property. Identified in homebuyers report/ full survey.
Sources of customer irritation. Defects are costly to both customers and to manufacturers or service providers. Eliminating defects provides cost benefits.
characteristics of an individual tree that reduce its quality and utility.