Definitions for "Urgent"
Urging; pressing; besetting; plying, with importunity; calling for immediate attention; instantly important.
compelling immediate action; "too pressing to permit of longer delay"; "the urgent words `Hurry! Hurry!'"; "bridges in urgent need of repair"
Urgent were an American rock band from New York City that formed in the early 80's
"Urgent" is the title of a 1981 song by prominent American Rock band Foreigner, from their album 4. It reached #4 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart in the same year of its release, and the album it was on has been certifed multi-platinum, and has sold over 6 million copies
a medical condition with symptoms severe enough that postponing care for more than a given number of hours, such as 48, could seriously harm the patient as defined by the plan.