Definitions for "Besides"
More than that; over and above; not included in the number, or in what has been mentioned; moreover; in addition.
Over and above; separate or distinct from; in addition to; other than; else than. See Beside, prep., 3, and Syn. under Beside.
making an additional point; anyway; "I don't want to go to a restaurant; besides, we can't afford it"; "she couldn't shelter behind him all the time and in any case he wasn't always with her"
Besides is the final release from 90's alternative rock band Sugar. As the title alludes, it collected the various B-sides from their previously released singles. The album also contained live and remixed versions of existing tracks from the band's two full albums and one EP, as well as several studio and live versions of tracks that had been unavailable on any of their previous albums.
Besides is an EP by Do Make Say Think. It was released in December of 1999 by Resonant Records in a vinyl-only format and is now out-of-print.
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On one side.