Definitions for "authentication"
validating the authenticity of something or someone.
The process of identifying a user, usually by a user name and password. The next generation of Wi-Fi security, Wi-Fi Protected Access, or WPA, will use authentication to verify whether users have access to a particular wireless network.
The process of verifying one's login credentials. It is the process of verifying the identity of the user at the other end of a link. Usually you are being asked for username and a password so the system can verify if you are granted to access certain resources there
the determination of a coin's genuineness
To establish the authenticity of; prove that the authorizer is genuine.
The procedure used to prove that the card is genuine by means of an algorithm, a random value and a secret key. The authentication process can be further distinguished between passive authentication in which the same values are used each time (e.g. PIN) and active authentication in which an algorithm and variable values are used.
A "message" is authentified. For example: Is the community string, and, optionally, the IP address, correct? If one or both is incorrect, an Authentication Failure occurs.
a means of countering the threat of masquerade - online data and information transmission in electronic form requires that the message sent reaches the intended recipient and only that recipient. (p. 146)
Security mechanism that prevents access to critical data and makes it impossible to falsify the origin of a message.
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See "exemplification."
The Authentication OSID gathers required credentials from an agent, vouches for their authenticity and introduces the agent to the system.
Bluetooth's way of identifying devices as well as allowing which devices get what data.
A procedure where one Bluetooth device ensures that it's link key matches that of another Bluetooth device, for purposes of security.
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The act of making sure that a person or other system that is trying to access a system is correctly authorised to do so.
The act of insuring that the cardholder has adequate funds available against their line of credit. A positive authorization results in an authorization code being generated, and those funds being set aside. The cardholder's available credit limit is reduced by the authorized amount.
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See Data Origin Authentication, Peer-Entity Authentication
A procedure that insures that digital data transmissions are delivered to the intended receiver.
The procedure used to authenticate the external world (e.g. terminal) to the card.
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Mobile phone Service Plan
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a mark on an article of trade to indicate its origin and authenticity.