Definitions for "certified"
a stamp, seal, or signature of the issuing judge or clerk of court noting that the copy is an authentic duplicate of the original order of the court.
A diamond which has been laboratory graded, and certified as to quality. We offer certified diamonds for sale.
To be authenticated and graded by any of the independent, third-party grading services.
endorsed authoritatively as having met certain requirements; guranteed; as, certified milk; certified mail; a certified check. Opposite of uncertified.
endorsed authoritatively as having met certain requirements; "a certified public accountant"
legally insane according to clinical criteria.
fit to be certified as insane (and treated accordingly)
Organic Grown and processed using sustainable agricultural techniques without synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides and certified as such by a third party agency.
A health-care facility is certified when it passes a survey conducted by a state governmental agency. Medicare only covers care in facilities that are certified or accredited. Compare with Accredited.
This means a hospital has passed a survey done by a state government agency. Being certified is not the same as being accredited.
Recognized by a professional association or professional regulatory organization as possessing the appropriate combination of credentials, training and/or experience. Sometimes used interchangeably with “registered” or “licensed
Adjective that is used to describe an individual who holds certification and that is incorporated into the name of the credential awarded that individual. For example, someone who has earned BPS certification in oncology is a "Board-Certified Oncology Pharmacist.
Certified wood flooring means that the harvesting and manufacturing processes meet environmental impact standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC is an internationally recognized non-profit organization devoted to improving the world's forests.
information security manager (CISM) A relatively new certification recognizing skills in information risk management and technical security issues; geared toward managers who oversee enterprise information security at the conceptual level.
a commercial-consortium mark, and TrueSecure Corporation operates ICSA Labs
A "certified" slot machine describes a slot machine that has been examined by casino regulators and clearly marked to guarantee a certain payout percentage to the player.
a plus, modification and installation work experience, network components
As in "Certified Infrared Thermographer". A level of competence in understanding the laws of thermal dynamics with regard to Infrared Thermography. A 40 hour course plus an exam that must be passed.
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A product subjected to a testing and ongoing audit programme by MLA approved organisation.
An IMC physician determination defining an approved period of disability
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Certified is the fourth album from rapper David Banner. It was released on September 20, 2005. Most of the production was done by Banner himself.
Covered by a Certificate of Conformity issued by EPA
Certification means, with respect to new highway and nonroad engines, obtaining a certificate of conformity for an engine family that complies with the highway or nonroad engine emission standards and requirements.
having quality or payment or delivery guaranteed; "certified milk"; "certified check"; "certified mail"
Stocks of a commodity that have been duly inspected and found to be of a quality deliverable against futures contracts, stored at the delivery points designated as regular or acceptable for delivery by the commodity exchange.
holding appropriate documentation and officially on record as qualified to perform a specified function or practice a specified skill.
The designation for contractors who have completed training and other requirements to allow them to carry out risk assessments, inspections, or abatements safely. Risk assessors, inspectors, and abatement contractors should be certified by the appropriate local, state, or Federal agency.
Having a formal document testifying to qualification or completion of requirements.
Union: A union designated by federal or state labor relations boards as the exclusive bargaining agent of a group of workers.
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The term "certified", when used in regard to financial statements, means certified by an independent public or independent certified public accountant or accountants.
Describes a person who has passed an examination to do a required job.