Definitions for "Certificate of Good Standing"
A document typically issued by the Office of the Secretary of State indicating that a business entity has complied with all of the state’s filing and registration requirements.
A Certificate of Good Standing is a document delivered by the state in which your corporation or LLC is formed. This document proves that your company is in compliance with the state requirements and therefore in Good Standing. This is also known as a Good Standing Certificate or Certificate of Existence. Corporate Kit: Corporate Kit includes all the important documents to administrate your company and keep it organized. It contains a personalized binder with sample organizational minutes, sample bylaws, customized steel corporate seal, stock certificates, and a stock ledger all organized with dividers.
a certificate issued by the state of incorporation containing information including the name of the corporation, the corporation is authorized to transact business in the state, that all fees, taxes and penalties owed to the state have been paid and that its most recent annual report has been filed.