Definitions for "Incorporation"
A procedure by which a University officer or a Fellow of a College who is a graduate of the University of Oxford or Dublin (Trinity College) may be admitted to the corresponding Cambridge degree.
a process by which a graduate of the University of Oxford or of the University of Dublin (Trinity College) may be admitted to a Cambridge degree equivalent to the highest degree held at either of those universities.
Process by which the Supreme Court interpreted the Fourteenth Amendment to extend the Bill of Rights to include protections against actions of the state governments.
level: Basic (2) [ order by level] The Supreme Court doctrine which extended most, but not all, of the provisions of the Bill of Rights as restrictions against the states, where previously they had applied only to the federal government.
Incorporation of the Bill of Rights is the legal doctrine by which portions of the U.S. Bill of Rights are applied to the states through the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Most of those portions of the Bill of Rights were incorporated by a series of United States Supreme Court decisions in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.
Mixing of manure and soil after application, usually to a depth of 4-9 inches.
Incorporation means mixing biosolids with the soil. Incorporation includes injection, moldboard plowing, roto-tilling, chisel or disk plowing and tandem disk harrowing.
To unite or combine to form a single whole such as fertilizer tilled or injected into the soil.
incorporation of a prebend into an ecclesiastical institution, e.g., the transfer of a parish into the posession of a cathedral chapter, or monastery, which could lead to insufficient pastoral care within the parish.
A group of parishes joined by a special Local Act of Parliament and empowered to regulate a variety of local matters including poor relief.
The act of incorporating, or the state of being incorporated.
A body incorporated; a corporation.
The act of turning a business into a limited liability company.
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Part of civil law, making one document part of another. For example, the Agreement becomes part of the Decree in Divorce.
In civil law, making one document part of another, e.g. the Agreement become part of the Decree in Divorce.
a body that regulated a specific craft (trade) or group of crafts in a geographic area, usually a burgh and its trading area. The term incorporation is analogous to the terms guild and gild. The role of each incorporation was defined in a 'seal of cause' or charter issued by their local authority. Each was a local monopoly, which was strictly enforced for the benefit of their members. Incorporations also provided mutual aid and security to members and their dependants. Nineteenth century legislation repealed exclusive trade privileges and many incorporations closed; those that survived tended to emphasise their mutual aid aspects. Many also became free or friendly societies to survive.
The union of different ingredients in one mass; mixture; combination; synthesis.
The union of something with a body already existing; association; intimate union; assimilation; as, the incorporation of conquered countries into the Roman republic.
consolidating two or more things; union in (or into) one body
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Fixation of mutations within a lineage.
Incorporation is a phenomenon by which a word, usually a verb, forms a kind of compound with, for instance, its direct object or adverbial modifier, while retaining its original syntactic function.
A primitive defense mechanism, operating unconsciously, in which the psychic representation of a person, or parts of the person, is figuratively ingested.
Incoterms Incremental cost of capital
learning (of values or attitudes etc.) that is incorporated within yourself
a long term high yield private loan program designed to provide all members with the means to achieve financial freedom
accumulation through free borrowing of ideas and symbols from one culture to another
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The official way of making a city.
an entity created by definition in the laws of the state and is separate from the owners (the shareholders) with many of the same rights and abilities that a person has
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including by incorporation