Definitions for "Foreign Corporation"
Any corporation organized under the laws of another state or country and not organized under a given state's laws but that conducts a portion of its business in that state.
A corporation which was incorporated under the laws of a foreign country; here also called alien corporation. Also, a corporation doing business in a state other than the one in which it is incorporated; here also called out-of-state corporation; opposite of domestic corporation.
A corporation created by and under the laws of a state other than the state in which it is doing business.
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a foreign personal holding company if it satisfies both a stock ownership requirement and a gross income requirement (sec
a passive foreign investment company (a "PFIC") if it satisfies a passive income test or a passive assets test for the taxable year (sec
a PFIC if At least percent of its gross income is passive
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an alien for the purposes of suit
a qualified resident of a country if it meets one of the three tests explained below