Definitions for "IBC"
International Business Company. A corporation formed (incorporated) under a "Company Act' of tax havens, but not authorized to do business within that country. It is intended to be used for global operations and is owned by member(s)/shareholder(s). IBCs have attributes normally associated with any corporation.
International Business Corporation. An IBC is a corporation that is created in a tax haven and is typically authorized to do business anywhere in the world except its home country.
International Bancshares Corp
A faculty committee charged with reviewing and approving the use of biologically hazardous substances in all research projects. The IBC serves as an institutional compliance committee and is responsible for reviewing reported instances of regulatory noncompliance related to biosafety issues in research.
Institutional Bio-safety Committee Additional Information:
Institutional Biosafety Committee
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Intermediate Bulk Container.
Intermediate Bulk Containers
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Iceland Base Command
In-band Control. Refers to issuing MICA commands on the data channel, versus OBC, on the out-of-band control channel. In-band commands are passed by setting an in-band-command bit in the data buffer.
Impurity band conduction
Intercollegiate Bowling Championships; an elite tournament of 16 men's and women's teams that qualify for the event through a series of competitions during the season.
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illegal border crosser
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Incompatible chemicals
The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) Investigative Services Division is Canada's leading provider of investigative services to the insurance industry, detecting and preventing vehicle theft and insurance fraud.
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A container for storing, transporting, and handling dry materials. Normally bigger than ½ cubic meter but smaller than 3 cubic meters, dust free, able to receive and discharge a variety of materials, and capable of automation.
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Infectious agent
Integrated Broadband Communications.
Initial Bibliographic Control. Bibliographic control numbers are assigned by various agencies to uniquely identify bibliographic entities under the agency's care.
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Inside back cover.