Definitions for "Committee"
One or more persons elected or appointed, to whom any matter or business is referred, either by a legislative body, or by a court, or by any collective body of men acting together.
In education, a group of people organized by a school board, administrator, or teachers union for the purpose of researching an issue and told what decision they should come up with
A term of parliamentary law which refers to a body of one or more persons appointed by a larger assembly or society, to consider, investigate and/or take action on certain specific matters. A committee only has those powers which have been assigned to it by the constituent assembly. Most are merely created to study matters in detail and to then report to the larger group. This saves the larger assembly time when it meets and allows it to review and approve a greater number of items, relying on the committee's report and recommendations. Committees are either standing or ad hoc (this latter kind is also known as a "special committee").
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a blind alley into which one misleads ideas to let them suffocate in silence
a cul-de-sac down which
a culdesac down which ideas are lured and then quietly strangled
a deliberative assembly that is subordinate to another larger deliberative assembly
a good way to spread out the workload and create a larger number of contacts in the community
an officially constituted organ of a deliberative body to facilitate its business by examining questions, canvassing their merits by discussion, testimony, etc
a many-headed, many-tongued thing, and its action is apt to be the result of internal compromise, or of momentary impetuosity, rather than of quiet, sober thought
an excellent thing, but it cannot function, because it lives on compromise, and compromise in a decision as to goodness or badness in work of art is fatal
a thing that takes a week to do what one good man can do in an hour
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The nominated management of a golf club.
People elected at a general meeting to govern the body corporate in accordance with the rules. They exercise all the powers and duties of the Body Corporate between General Meetings.
The elected representatives of the owners. The powers and duties of the committee are defined in the Body Corporate rules.
a self-constituted organization to promote something
a local association that promotes tourism to the United States
an private organization for promoting the movement
One to whom the charge of the person or estate of another, as of a lunatic, is committed by suitable authority; a guardian.
a delegated authority
Identifies the set of Users that have been charged with the responsibility by an Authority to review and determine if the Misconduct Reports associated with the Authority's Matches will be upheld, denied, etc. The Committee is also charged with the responsibility to administer punishment, as appropriate and under the overall management of the Authority that sanctioned the Match
a type of neighbourhood Panchayat and embraces all the residents of its territory
the "board of directors" overseeing the                                                unit or the District.  Also the type of entity that, legend                                                has it, designed the elephant.
The committee oversees the administration of the grant programs.
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a funnel that constrains the way people think and what they say," Kronman said
an excellent mechanism for exploring questions like what is needed and what are the best methods to achieve a goal
an excellent way to network with peers, accelerate the architectural registration process through readily available resources, and a great way to earn your Professional and Community Service IDP units
a group working in conjunction with the entire university community to identify issues of concern, and to seek resolution of these issues
an entirely independent media voice that brings you new and highly relevant news, opinions, issues and information every day, five days a week, which relates in some way to the defense of Israel and her image
an excellent way to keep up-to-date on the latest happenings in the practice of medicine and to voice your concerns and opinions on issues of interest to you
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a beast with four hind legs
an animal with four back legs
a voluntary coalition of individuals and community organizations who have united to secure the passage in Ontario of a new law which would achieve a barrier-free society for persons with disabilities
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a non-filer if it files after this point or does not file at all
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a body under the EPA responsible for hearing EIA cases
an entity established by a candidate, political party or other organization for the purpose of raising and spending money and filing required campaign statements with detailed information about campaign contributions and expenditures.
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a great way to meet other families and develop friendships and a support network
a fiduciary and must act in the best interests of the incapable person, that is, without thought of personal gain
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a perfect opportunity you cannot miss
an officially recognized, permanent organization essential to the development or operations of the College as a whole
Particular area of service to the Foundation; some of the committees at the Foundation include Finance, Development and Marketing & Communications
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an example of a team
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a non profit organization
Keywords:  corporation
a corporation
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a government agency in its own right
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a number of persons, usually