Definitions for "vote for Bush"
Keywords:  iraq, terrorism, war, iran, homophobia
a most likely a vote for war with Iran and anyone else our beloved leader targets without doing anything about the danger we face from terrorism
an endorsement of his foreign policy and a request for him to continue down the same path of regime change and war
a vote for censorship, racism, homophobia, and constant war
Keywords:  bush, kid, crony, childern, grad
a bullet in your kid's head
a decision to sacrifice those kids for an as yet undefined mission - other than that of Bush's re-election
a vote against bush
a vote for cowards and corrupt traitors
a vote for more of the same and more of the same is steadily marching down the road to defeat and making our enemies more powerful and reducing the US ability to influence events beyond our border
a vote for the Neo-cons such as Karl Rove and the Open Border traitors
a vote for making money, and a vote for Kerry is a vote for losing money
a wasted vote, and a vote for Kerry is simply acceleration toward the Worker's Paradise
Keywords:  america, who're, paranoid, sadly, dave
a vote against America
a vote for a divided, unstable, paranoid America,'' Dave Matthews said in one of the more strongly worded statement
a vote for the destruction of America, and I feel sadly confident that those of us who would end up picking up the pieces aren't those who're voting for him now
Keywords:  pnac
a vote for PNAC
Keywords:  waterboarding
a vote for waterboarding
Keywords:  fascism
a vote for fascism
Keywords:  osama
a vote for Osama
Keywords:  qaeda
a vote for Al Qaeda
a Vote for Mammon by Shaula Evans Let us speak plainly, in an audaciously reality-based way, about what is going on here
Keywords:  tyranny
a vote for tyranny
a vote for concentration camps, for torture, for the perversion of the rule of law into the rule of the sword
a vote for further disrespect for rule of law -- and thus a vote for further atrocities such as Abu Ghraib
a vote for weakening a set of best practices, institutions, and laws that are designed to prevent these things from happening
Keywords:  rape, videotapes, guards, boys, little
a vote for rape
a vote for videotapes of guards raping little boys
Keywords:  illiteracy
a vote for illiteracy
Keywords:  apocalypse
a vote for an Apocalypse
Keywords:  puritanism
a vote for puritanism
Keywords:  gore
a vote for Gore
Keywords:  bigot, pride
a vote for bigot pride
Keywords:  satan
a vote for Satan
Keywords:  terrorists
a vote for the terrorists
a vote to keep all these nameless, voiceless millions of women in misery, and to deny their children a chance to learn and better themselves
Keywords:  hell
a vote for hell
Keywords:  stupidity
a vote for stupidity
Keywords:  grindstone, fascist, time
a vote for time at the fascist grindstone
Keywords:  antoinette, marie
a vote for Marie Antoinette
Keywords:  hitler
a vote for Hitler
Keywords:  walgreen, it'll, enema, floral, screw
a vote for a Walgreen's brand enema, it may screw up her intestine's floral balance, but it'll get her going pretty fast and will feel good too
a vote for myself at the expense of everyone else living in this strange and savage land
Keywords:  laden, bin
a vote for bin Laden
a vote for intolerance, self-rightiousness, absolutism, authoritarianism
Keywords:  stooge, cia, president, another
a vote for another CIA stooge President
Keywords:  brawler, drunken, bar, party
a vote for the drunken bar brawler party
Keywords:  betraying, obligations
a vote for betraying our obligations
an indorsement of the first phase of our transition to a full blown Empire
Keywords:  jesus
a vote for Jesus
Keywords:  geneva, conventions
a vote against the Geneva Conventions
Keywords:  luttig, heard, never, judge, you've
a vote for Judge Luttig You've probably never heard of J
a validation of his socialist acts and attacks on the US Constitution
a vote not for his immaturity, but for ours
a vote for strength and American sovereignty
Keywords:  justice, freedom, rejection
a rejection of Freedom and Justice for All
a vote for liberal weakness
a vote for national security weakness and lack of commitment
Keywords:  disaster
a vote for more disaster
Keywords:  democracy, end, know, world
a vote for the end of the world as we know it
a vote to end democracy
Keywords:  flaw, character
a character flaw
Keywords:  candidate, god
a vote for God's candidate
Keywords:  discrimination
a vote for discrimination
Keywords:  shoring, jobs, off
a vote for more off-shoring of jobs
Keywords:  killing
a vote for killing --killing-- Killing
Keywords:  intelligent, systems
a vote for GK Intelligent Systems
Keywords:  diabetes, your
a vote to keep your diabetes
Keywords:  pussy
a pussy vote
a vote to make Carrier Strike Groups our first responders
Keywords:  reason
a vote against Reason
Keywords:  failure
a vote for failure
Keywords:  world, good
a vote against all that is good in the world
Keywords:  change
a vote for change