Definitions for "vote for Nader"
Keywords:  bush, kerry, gore, argument, cabrera
a vote against America, just as a vote for John Kerry is a vote against America
a vote against Bush and Kerry
a vote for Bush, always keep that in mind
a political Molotov
a vote for a democratic UW 'I enjoy being a girl
a vote for a democratic UW Webster S
Keywords:  dubya
a vote for DUBYA
Keywords:  gitlin, todd
a vote against Todd Gitlin
Keywords:  sarcasm
a vote for sarcasm
Keywords:  russ
a vote for Russ
a positive and meaningful contribution to building an alternative to the moribund two-party system
a vote for revitalizing the system and breaking the iron ceiling of the current one-party-with-two-heads
Keywords:  agenda, truly, cast, american, serve
a vote cast for someone who is truly willing to serve the American public with no personal agenda
a vote for idealism that will give us four more years of the worst president we have ever seen in the history of the United States
Keywords:  choice, statement
a statement, not a choice
Keywords:  people, man
a vote for the people, not the MAN
Keywords:  change
a vote for change