Definitions for "Referendum "
Referendum is a community creation Web toolkit focused around issues and their resolution through voting. It's a drop-in Web application used for understanding and empowering online communities through the democratic process.
A law for submission of proposed legislation to a popular vote to learn the nonsensus of public opinion.
The right to approve or reject by popular vote a meassure passed upon by a legislature.
a blunt and unrefined legislative instrument
a blunt tool, and in many cases gives only a false sense of democracy, especially when the questions are worded poorly or in a biased manner
an exercise in participatory democracy and the temptations of partisan advantage can be hard to resist at campaign time
A diplomatic agent's note asking for instructions from his government concerning a particular matter or point.
a bad idea as the uninformed cannot be relied on to make the right decision for this country's future
a decision which a government must refer to the people for their consideration
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a good thing," Mr
a good thing," Sharon told reporters Feb
a sure thing
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a public poll"
a means for direct political participation by the people
an action by the people to suspend or nullify an existing law
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a recipe for civil conflict
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a very high risk gamble, and with so much at stake, it makes no sense
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a time-honored means for a dictator to remain in power
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a zero sum game
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a step that will lead us to Independence
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a very important action
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a good example
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a line of credit