Definitions for "Constitutional Amendment"
A bill which amends the Constitution of Alabama. After legislative enactment, it must be accepted or rejected by the people at a state-wide election.
A change to the state constitution. A constitutional amendment may be proposed by the legislature in the form of a joint resolution that must be adopted by both houses of the legislature by a two-thirds vote and be approved by a majority of the voters to become effective.
A resolution proposing a change to the California Constitution. It may be presented by the Legislature or by initiative, and is adopted upon voter approval at a statewide election.
a long-range and ineffectual way of dealing with a matter of such immediate concern
a significant event that is not easily achieved, but it is less momentous than a fundamental change to the system of government that results from a revolution or civil war
a very difficult thing to do and would probably require decades to accomplish, but it is something that we can hang our hats on as a matter of fundamental principle
a bad idea for a lot of reasons, but this one might have a small chance of getting a thin-supermajority in the Senate
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a pretty serious thing
a serious step and one that is hard to reverse
a very, very serious event in this nation's history
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a must to preserve the definition of marriage that has been the bed rock and basic unit of society since Adam and Eve
a rational response to a supreme court decision beyond some level of social acceptability