Definitions for "Step"
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To move the foot in walking; to advance or recede by raising and moving one of the feet to another resting place, or by moving both feet in succession.
To walk; to go on foot; esp., to walk a little distance; as, to step to one of the neighbors.
To walk slowly, gravely, or resolutely.
A small space or distance; as, it is but a step.
in an anction, the distance from one bid to the next highest bid. [Example: One diamond is one step above one club.].
A rough measure of vertical distance, between 1 and two feet. The ropes which border each ringside are spaced 1, 2, and 3 Steps above the ring mat, and the ring apron is itself 2 Steps above the arena floor.
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Standard for The Exchange of Product data (an international standard which is currently being discussed and which will be an outgrowth of VDA-FS (a German standard being developed by the automotive industry), SET, and PDES.
An international standard for the exchange of geometric product definitions. STEP formats that are relevant to StudioTools are AP203 (general mechanical CAD) and AP214 (automotive CAD).
Acronym for Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data This is an international standard for the exchange of digital product information (ISO 10303). Visit for details.
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At Eton College, England, a shallow step dividing the court into an inner and an outer portion.
The step approximately half-way up the court, which forms the dividing line between the front court and the back court
The nearly horizontal section which more or less divides the BEACH from the SHOREFACE. See Figure 3.
Step (also Olovyannaya) is an air base in Chita, Russia located 14 km northwest of Yasnogorsk. It is a large air base with two revetment areas and numerous military fortifications. It is near a SS-11 missile field that was dismantled in the mid-1990s.
Secure Trade - Expedited Processing The STEP Lane is a pilot program from Juarez to El Paso that provides expedited processing of secure shipments.
Acronym for DOE's States Tribal Education Program. The program offers courses on responding to potential incidents involving shipments of waste to the WIPP.
Fig.: To move mentally; to go in imagination.
An aerobic class designed around Step Reebok University research.  The addition of power and propulsion moves can make this class as intense as you like.
shift or move by taking a step; "step back"
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The intervak between two contiguous degrees of the csale.
A flake that terminates under the rock surface at a ninety degree angle.
used in conjunction with a degree of kinship.
Support and Training for Exceptional Parents. The organizations that is the PTI under IDEA
Specialized Treatment for the Exceptional Person; an adult behavior modification treatment unit at Winnebago Mental Health Institute.
Stripes for Exceptional Performers
Sixth Term Entry papers, now only set in Mathematics and commonly used as part of a conditional offer for those wishing to study Mathematics. See
A pay increment within a pay range. A range consists of several steps.
Stepping motors allow precise rotational positioning, with each increment of rotation being a step. Our ORM 200-series motors offer 200 steps per revolution, with each step a 1.8° movement. Half-stepping allows your motor to move in half-step increments (typically 0.9°/half-step).
Salmon Trout Enhancement Program; a volunteer program to help salmon, steelhead and trout in Oregon.
Shipboard Training Enhancement Program. See Appendix E.
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A step is a specific application of a particular process capability, customized as required with parameters, special instructions, wafers, and masks specified by the customer. For example, a step may specify that an LPCVD nitride deposition process be used to apply 1 micron of material to 5 wafers described as part of a run.
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Proceeding; measure; action; an act.
a collection of actions that can be taken at one time
Actions that complete an activity
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The step of the pay grade to which employees in the PBA bargaining unit are assigned. Step also is used with House Staff/Medical Residents to indicate which ones have "chief" rank. Step is located on the Salary Plan page in Job Data.
Staff Travel Plan, a major component of Met Office travel management. STEP is a basket of facilities designed to help staff make the best of available travel options for both home-to-work and business travel needs.
Southwark team for early intervention in psychosis
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treat badly; "This boss abuses his workers"; "She is always stepping on others to get ahead"
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A term used in some method ologies to describe the lowest level of the work breakdown structure. [D03952] PNG
A point, procedure, operation or stage in the food chain including raw materials, from primary production to final consumption.
A point, procedure, operation or stage in the cleaning system from primary production to final consumption.
Line which tells an editor or viewer to insert a step in the model file. This usually causes a pause in rendering, rendering continues after user input of some sort (pressing Enter, mouse click, etc). Denoted by a Comment line with STEP in it (0 STEP).
A common model used to categorise the main elements of the far environment, namely social, technological, economic and political. See also Macro-Environment.
a voluntary certification program that is being designed to assist tourism providers in measuring and managing their environmental, socio-cultural and economic impacts
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a specialized type of ramp segment where the setpoint jumps to the specified target level
a movement from one note to a note next to it
a movement that takes weight, a gesture is a movement that does not take weight
The movement of the rotor from one energized position to the next.
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furnish with steps; "The architect wants to step the terrace"
A change of position effected by a motion of translation.
To change the time of a clock to the correct time with no intermediate adjustments. Compare with ``slew''.
a sudden and persistent change
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Put things step by step with Step. Step is a simple notebook, planner, organizer that can be used to organize steps, write digital books, make cues, and more.
Sequential Tests of Educational Progress
any maneuver made as part of progress toward a goal; "the situation called for strong measures"; "the police took steps to reduce crime"
Space Test Experiments Platform
In physics, the Satellite Test of the Equivalence Principle is a planned (as of 2005) space science experiment to test the equivalence principle of general relativity. The experiment should be sensitive enough to distinguish Einstein's theory of gravity from many other competing theories.
In PeopleSoft Sales Incentive Management, a collection of sections in a plan. Each step corresponds to a step in the job run.
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an event sponsored by Gold's Gym to support the mission of the American Cancer Society
Shell Technology Enterprise Programme
Selective Traffic Enforcement Programme - targeting black spots at peak times
relative position in a graded series; "always a step behind"; "subtle gradations in color"; "keep in step with the fashions"
a powerful tool that can read any number of observations from any number of input files or data sets, can create any number of output data sets, and can write any number of output observations to any of the output data sets, all in the same program
a specification of how a component is used in a pipeline that includes inputs, outputs, and parameters
an expression that returns a sequence of nodes, in document order and without duplicates
a sequence of tasks that can be performed without interruption by the same role
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A control on some lighting effects boards which enables the operator to "step" through a chase effect in time to music etc.
Keywords:  cycle, teaching, sub, repeated, six
a cycle in the process repeated for advancing the education using a teaching machine
One of the six groups of tasks that make up a release life cycle. In the project plan, a Step may be further defined as Sub-Steps, Activity Groups, Activities, Sub-Activities, and Tasks. See Release Life Cycle.
a strongly disruptive shock to a system and has, therefore, been the most commonly used
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Refers to the step shaped rock obstacles in 4WD roads.
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The interval between a note that is on a line and a note on the adjacent space, or vice versa. Also called the interval of a second.
The difference in height between adjoining panels due to thickness variation.
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See argument step.
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Structure (stone or wood) that provides a stable vertical rise on the trail, usually in sets.
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a very powerful component of the SAS system
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Up In Basis The change in the value of an asset inherited upon the owner's death. The taxable gain is calculated based on the fair market value at the time of death, not the fair market value at the time the asset was purchased.
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a linear process, not a parallel process
To reconstruct the execution of a program one sample at a time.
Step is an interactive physical simulation program for education. StepCore is a physical simulation library on which Step is based.
an abstract unit within which certain assignments of test Events can be made to Terminals whose Mode-Type permits this
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Or "step up". See push.
A one-character code identifying the horizontal position of the employee on the pay range of their appointment.
a powerful but over used tool for data manipulation
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The measurement from one label to the next on the sheet.
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An instruction that can be part of a plan or a component.
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a separate, independent one