Definitions for "Predecessor"
One who precedes; one who has preceded another in any state, position, office, etc.; one whom another follows or comes after, in any office or position.
Person whom a tenant had followed in the rightful possession of his holding; also the previous holder of an office antecessor
One who precedes another in time, especially in holding an office or position
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An activity that must be complete d (or be part ially complete d) before a specified activity can begin is called a predecessor. The combination of all predecessor and successor relationship s among the project activities forms a network. This network can be analyzed to determine the critical path and other project scheduling implications. [D01237] WST PMST
A routing operation or project task that must be partially or completely finished before a later task can begin.
an employer whose business or portion of the business was acquired by a successor
an entity for whose tax liability the taxpayer or a related taxpayer is or was primarily or secondarily liable
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a person who transfers goods to another person under the provisions allowing relief from VAT on the transfer of a business or part of a business as a going concern