Definitions for "Licensee"
one of the classes of persons entering upon the lands of another whereby the individual has not been invited upon the land but is tolerated
Under the law before 1968, which classified persons who entered upon others' land, a licensee was someone who entered upon land with the owner's express or implied permission for a business purpose. Back to the Top
In civil law, a person who enters land with consent, but nothing more.
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The person to whom a license is given.
The named individual or organization to whom a specific grant of rights has been made by contract.
The party to whom a license for the use of Stock Music is granted.
a person licensed by the District of Columbia Real Estate Board to practice real estate brokerage, sales or property management in the District of Columbia
A licensed broker, salesperson or leasing agent.
A generic term referring to any individual who holds an active real estate license. An individual licensee must be affiliated with a real estate broker, (although a licensee may also be a broker). Many people refer to a licensee simply as a real estate agent or salesperson. It is important to know that business relationships are actually contractual relationships with the broker, not the individual licensee.
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shows the company and status of drug.
A company that makes a product under a designer's name and pays the designer for the design, packaging, and promotional ideas.
a professional bail bond company or a professional bail bondsmen
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a partner bound to ADD by a contract, which gives it the right to manufacture and/or distribute products bearing the "Alain Delon" label within a specified territory
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The entity (individual or organization) receiving the license.
If an entity is licensed by or with the authority of the owner to use the mark, and the owner has direct or indirect control over the character or quality of the wares or services with which the mark is used, then the licensee’s use of the mark or a trade-name including the mark is deemed to have, and to always have had, the same effect as use by the owner.
The individual or legal entity to which the license is issued.
an individual authorized in writing by the RSC to use radioactive materials in laboratory research or class instruction
an individual who has been issued an occupational license by a state licensing authority
A location that is subcontracted to another business that is allowed to use the supplier franchise name. They are typically smaller locations with only a single agent available at times.
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The lunch box maker who buys a license to manufacture a kit featuring a registered character or series.
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Schedule II, III, IV, or V drugs
The holder of an Australian Financial Services License under the Corporations Act.
a subject of economic activity, obtaining a license for performing certain economic activity subject to licensing
party obtaining rights under a license agreement.
in this context, anyone certified by the Soil Association