Definitions for "real estate agent"
A licensed salesperson working for a real estate broker. If the agent sells...
A licensed real estate professional trained to represent a buyer or seller in the purchase, sale, or marketing of a home or other real property.
A person who is normally licensed by the state and who, for a commission or a fee, assists in negotiating a real estate transaction.
a paid professional who can guide you through a process that can alternate between frustrating and exhilarating
a professional and deserves to be treated as one
a professional that deals with potential buyers on a continuous basis, every day
a MIDDLEMAN or MIDDLEWOMAN who increases the cost of your commission
a third party person who can point out advantages or disadvantages bout your house you may not have thought about
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an expert who knows exactly what houses are on the market and which ones will meet your requirements
a trained expert, and we want to help them bring their services to the table
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a person who knows the different rates of property in different areas