Definitions for "ABR"
auditory brainstem response. An objective technique to evaluate hearing which involves placing electrodes on the head and recording brain wave activity from the brainstem as sounds are presented.
Auditory Brainstem Response is usually done in early infancy. The test is done while child is sleeping and the use of medications to induce sleep may be needed. NON INVASIVE and involves the use of headphones.
auditory brainstem response. electrical activity stimulated by brief sounds such as clicks, generated by the auditory nerve and brainstem, and recorded from the surface of the ear and forehead. This may also be abbreviated as BSER, BAER. ABR is used to assess hearing sensitivity in babies and children, and to evaluate the neural pathway (from ear to brain) in adults.
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a type of traffic for which the ATM network attempts to meet that traffic's bandwidth requirements. It does not guarantee a specific amount of bandwidth and the end station must retransmit any information that did not reach the far end.
This is a guaranteed minimum data transfer rate. Higher rates are allowed if there is extra bandwidth available on the network.
Auto Baud Rate. Automatic detection of transmission speed by sampling of the first character of a message and adjustment to match.
The ABR designation is the benchmark of excellence in buyer representation. This coveted designation is awarded to REALTORS by the Real Estate BUYERS AGENT Council (REBAC) of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of REALTORS who meet the specified educational and practical experience criteria. Why should you look for the ABR designation before looking for a home? These three letters after a REALTORs name tell you that youll be working with someone committed to your best interests, someone who has both made education a career priority, and has also demonstrated the abilities needed to provide the finest in buyer representation.
Accredited Buyer Representative. Designation offered exclusively through the Real Estate Buyer's Agent Council (REBAC) in recognition of advanced professional training, experience in buyer representation, and commitment to the REALTORS® code of ethics.
The Accredited Buyer Representative designation indicates a real estate agent specializing in representing buyers in the real estate transaction.
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AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS REGISTER. is a public register, which contains details of all ABN registrations. In registering an entity under the ABR, the registrar will allocate an ABN to the entity and record the applicant's details on it.
Australian Bill of Rights Group
Australian Business Register. a register of information provided to the ATO by businesses and other entities when they register for an ABN that can be accessed by the internet. Some of this information is available publicly from ABN Lookup.
Automatic Budget Reallocation. A process in which the system automatically transfers budget dollars from predefined budget pools to specific line items within the pool. This transfer is activated whenever a revenue, encumbrance, disbursem ent or journal entry is posted to a line item within a defined budget pool. The required budget is automatically transferred, or reallocated, to the line item.
See Automatic Budget Allocation.
Automatic Budget Reallocation. When transactions are entered, a process by which the system automatically transfers budget dollars from predefined budget pools to specific object codes.
AutoBaud Rate detect.
Above Base Rate. A bank term sometimes used to illustrate the interest amount when your account is in the red.
Above Base Rate. The term used by some banks and building societies to describe the amount of interest they charge when you are overdrawn. If a bank has an ABR of 10%, you need to add on the current bank base rate, which is 4.25%, to work out the exact interest rate you are being charged -- 14.25% in this example.
area border router. A router that is attached to multiple areas. Area border routers maintain separate topological databases for each area.
Area border router. Router that belongs to more than one area. Used in OSPF. See also OSPF.
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Afterburner Rolling@ƒAƒtƒ^[ƒo[ƒi[ƒ[ƒŠƒ“ƒOƒ‚[ƒhBHIGH-MACS‚Ì'nãˆÚ“®ƒ‚[ƒh‚̈ê‚‚ŁAƒAƒtƒ^[ƒo[ƒi[‚𕹗p‚µ‚1/2Aƒ[ƒ‰[‚É‚æ‚é'nãŠŠ‘–B
Audio Broadcast Receiver. Term used by Radyne ComStream to identify a family of audio receive-only products such as the ABR200 and the ABR202.
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Amateur Bull Riders
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Calculated as the cash basis value of monthly base rent per the lease, multiplied by 12. If free rent is granted, the first full monthly base rent value is used in the calculation.
Calculated as monthly base rent (cash basis) per the lease, as of a certain date, multiplied by 12. If free rent is granted, then the first positive rent value is used.
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Acrylate-butadiene rubber
A 30-character abbreviated synopsis of a bill.
(Uzbek) type of fabric patterning, literal translation - 'cloud.'
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1st and 2nd class car with seats and sleeping berths.
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Auxiliary Bass Radiator, ie a speaker built without a magnet on purpose.
abridged; abridgment