Definitions for "Auditory"
Hypersensitivity Proprioception
Hypersensitivity Pancytopenia
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Of or pertaining to hearing, or to the sense or organs of hearing; as, the auditory nerve. See Ear.
The sense of hearing. (See “Representational Systems.”)
Pertaining to the sense of hearing or the organs involved in hearing.
Genitourinary Prevalence
Hemorrhage Prevalence
Hydrolysis Proteins Hypersplenism Pulmonary
Hydralazine Pulmonary
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Genotype Porphyria
Hypoxia Respiratory Resuscitation
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Illusions Riboflavin Incontinence
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Infarction Psychiatric Insulin Psychology
Glucose Phosphorylation Polymorphic
memory - the ability to store and recall information which was given verbally. An individual with difficulties in this area may not be able to follow instructions given verbally or may have trouble recalling information from a story read aloud.
One of the main representation systems of the neural network of the human body, indicating the ability to take in information through listening. Auditory process is the taking in of heard information - whether words or music, whether external or internal.
Podophyllum Immunity Potassium
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An assembly of hearers; an audience.
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Gels Phenotype
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Hyperventilation Saline
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Hypertension Receptor
An auditorium.