Definitions for "Gels"
Generic term used in reference to any colored translucent material (color media) that is used to color a light, whether the material is made from gelatin, glass or plastic.
Coloured filters put over lights to give a coloured lighting effect. They used to be made out of gelatine.
Large coloured sheets of a transparent medium which are used over any type of light to add colour. (Also the smaller C.C. & camera filters.) (see CC filters)
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Pediculosis Toxin
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also known as "jellies." These thin, colored transparent sheets are placed in front of lighting fixtures to diffuse or color light for special effects and color correction. .
A thin layer of molten agarose which is used by scientists to separate out pieces of DNA of different sizes.
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Penis Viscosity
General education and liberal studies (term used by Metropolitan State University)
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See Salts/Soaps.